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Astronomers find phosphine in Venus atmosphere. What's Next?

British and American researchers have detected phosphine in the acidic cloud cover of our neighboring planet Venus. Does this mean that there is life on Venus? The work of Dutch researchers affiliated with the Origins Center connects directly to this discovery in the Venus atmosphere.

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Life on other planets: closer than you think?

Are we alone in the universe? Or is there life on other planets as well? There are many television series, films and books about this, but scientists are also working to find answers. Astrobiologist Floris van der Tak investigates places with the greatest chance of life. But can we ever go there? (Dutch)

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If the universe is teeming with life, where are the UFOs?

The Universe has many stars and even more planets. So, it would be very strange if there was no life anywhere else to be found. But where can we find that life? And what does that life look like? Dutch research looks at the Earth as an example. (Dutch)

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