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The Origins Center supports and connects scientists by means of the Research Agenda and related Knowledge Networks. The aim is to keep the Netherlands at the forefront of research into the origins and evolution of life. Share your ideas and challenges with us and tell us where new cooperations are needed.

Question or request?

Sometimes it is useful if you can quickly submit a request to the right target group. The Origins Center is happy to facilitate you. Are you a scientist looking for collaboration, do you have something important to share with your colleagues or are you looking for a new employee for a very specific research area? Then use the form. Upon receipt, we will post your message on the notice board.

Evolution in the Top 2000

Colleagues at the Laboratory of Genetics at Wageningen University have a dream to raise the public profile of evolution through getting evolution into the Top 2000!

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Want more visitors to your blog or vlog?

The Origins Center helps you with coverage for your blog, vlog or social media. If you regularly write or publish something, please let us know. We'll get you more readers and viewers.

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Focus on your scientific publication(s)

The Origins Center would like to bring attention to your new publications. Share your recent publication(s) with us and we will put it in the spotlight for you.

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New Knowledge Network

The Origins Center now supports six Knowledge Networks. Perhaps a network is missing in an important area of the Research Agenda.

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Monthly webinar on Tuesday afternoon

From November 3rd, the Origins Center will start with a regular online Tuesday afternoon seminar between 4 and 5 pm.

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Exchanging ideas

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