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Whatever your interest or objective, the Origins Center webinars are sure to meet your requirements. Connect with prominent astronomers, astrobiologists, ecologists, geologists and oceanographers. Learn more about how interdisciplinary research groups are trying to fathom the secrets of life and evolution.

10 November 2020Online, 16.00 hours

Webinar: Charles Cockell

Exploring microbial interactions with rocks on the International Space Station - Charles Cockell, professor of Astrobiology, University of Edinburgh

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8 December 2020Online, 16.00 hours

Webinar: Jef Huisman

Vibrational modes of water predict spectral niches for photosynthesis in lakes and oceans. Webinar by Jef Huisman, professor Aquatic Microbiology, University of Amsterdam (UvA)

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5 January 2021Online, 16.00h

Webinar: Kate Adamala

Her research on prebiotic RNA replication provided an experimental scenario for the RNA world hypothesis of the origin of life. She has worked on constructing liposome bioreactor synthetic cells.

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2 February 2021Online, 16.00h

Webinar: Eörs Szathmáry

His main interest is theoretical evolutionary biology and focuses on the common principles of the major steps in evolution, such as the origin of life, the emergence of cells, and the origin of animal societies.

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2 March 2021Online, 16.00h

Webinar: Betül Kaçar

In this talk, Betül will survey her group’s efforts in towards establishing a molecular paleobiology approach. She will further discuss how exploring the early evolution of ancient biomolecules, protein-cofactor interaction interfaces and metallosystems contribute to our understanding of origins and first life on Earth.

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13 April 2021Online, 16.00h

Webinar: Dieter Braun

How can we derive answers to the question of the origin of life? Instead of simply collecting facts, biological systems can now be directly tested by synthetically reconstructing them.

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11 May 2021Online, 16.00 hours

Webinar: Paola Caselli

Our Solar System was born from a dark and cold cloud made out of molecular gas and small dust particles. Thanks to powerful telescopes, we can now study in detail these clouds, their chemical ingredients and their evolution.

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8 June 2021Online, 16.00 hours

Webinar: Daniel Needleman

The spindle, the self-organizing structure that segregates chromosomes during cell division, shows remarkable diversity between species. I will present work in which we aim to integrate mechanistic and evolutionary studies of spindles.

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12 October 202116.00 hours (CET), online

Webinar: David Deamer

Prof. Deamer will describe how mixtures of certain organic compounds present on the early Earth can assemble into systems of encapsulated polymers referred to as protocells.

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9 November 202116.00 hours, online

Webinar: Michael Russell

All the constituents for life’s emergence were there, at a submarine alkaline vent, about 4.4 billion years ago.

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14 December 202116.00 hours, online

Webinar: Jim Cleaves

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