Webinar: Jim Cleaves

Webinar: Jim Cleaves

The formation of organic molecules on lifeless planets

Tuesday 14 December 2021, 16.00 hours
Jim Cleaves, Earth Life Science Institute (ELSI)

Join the YouTube stream: https://youtu.be/TsLGQixP9ec

The formation of organic molecules on lifeless planets

Organic compounds are thought to be required for the origin of life. Although considerable progress has been made in understanding how simple organic compounds can be synthesized under simulated early solar system conditions, many questions remain: Which organic compounds are formed? How do these compounds interact with each other and the surrounding environment? How do they self-assemble into living systems? How can organic compounds serve as diagnostics for biological or abiological processes? How do organic compounds decompose in planetary environments?

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14 December 2021

16.00 hours, online


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