27-28 Januari 2021

The origin and nature of life, as well as its presence beyond planet Earth, are questions that fascinate the general public and inspire scientists from many disciplines. Register today for the Dutch Origins 2021 Conference.

Registration fee is 25 euros.

After registration you will receive a link in your email to fulfill the payment.

We keep a close look at the Corona regulations issued by the Dutch government. In case we need to change the program of the Origins 2021 conference, we will contact you by e-mail.


    Your name


    What is your e-mail address?
    Use only email domain of academic institutes and knowledge organisations.


    Please share your affiliation(s)


    Describe your scientific expertise(s), like 'molecular modelling'; 'astrophysics'; 'chaos theory'; 'evolutionary biology' or; 'structural geology', etc...


    Write in max. four sentences what research you work on or would like to work on (ambitions) in the field of the origins of life.


    Please give us the url of your personal webpage (including https...)


    Upload a portrait of yourself (minimaal 2MB, 300ppi)


    Select which part(s) of the of the Origins Center Research Program the event is about. [You can select more than one option]

    The formation and early evolution of Earth-like planets and moonsThe emergence of the right conditions for the origin of lifeThe emergence of molecules relevant to lifeThe emergence of life-like functionsThe emergence of Darwinian evolutionThe emergence of lifeThe interaction between life and its environmentThe emergence of complex relationships between mutations (genotype) and their effects on life (phenotype)The emergence of contemporary biochemistryThe emergence of the living cell (prokaryotes)The emergence of eukaryotesThe emergence of multicellular life


    Select the knowledge network(s) you associate yourself with. If non-existing, which network group you would like to add to the Origins Center research community?

    Explaining life's preference for homochiralityBridging long temporal and spatial scalesFinding extraterrestrial lifeBuilding and repairing life - from molecule to ecosystemPredicting evolution of lifeOrigin and co-evolution of earth-like planets and life


    From this year we ask all members of the Origins Center community to publish their professional contact information on our website. Colleagues can easily find you and the Steering committee can send you more specific relevant news connected to your field of research. This is only available for scientists with a Dutch affiliation.

    Do you agree and do you want to become a member (or you are a member already)?



    Please share (your own) publications which you find important for your work, with the research community
    (url of the publication, maximum 4 publications, from maximum 2 years old, from (co)authors working in a Dutch institute)


    Please note! After submitting, you will receive an email about your registration. You will need to use the payment link in your email to pay the registration fee of 25 euro via the website of the RUG to finalize your registration. Only after payment your registration will be formally processed.



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