Origins Center 2023 Conference – Programme

Origins Center 2023 Conference – Programme

Location: Room 105 in the Bernouilliborg

April 11

16:00: welcome with coffee

Session 1 – The origin of life
chair: Sijbren Otto
16:25: opening of the conference
16:30: Irep Gözen (Oslo)
Did surfaces enable the origin of life?
17:00: Evan Spruijt (Nijmegen)
Hierarchical compartmentalization of coacervate protocells
17:30: Yannick Geiger (Groningen)
Escaping product inhibition: the key to exponential self-replication
17:45: Annemieke Petrignani (UvA Amsterdam)
Prebiotic adsorption of amino acids on Ca-Montmorillonite

18:00 – 19:30: dinner

Session 2 – From cells to organisms
chair: Liedewij Laan
19:30: Eelco Tromer (Groningen)
Evolutionary cell biology of chromosome segregations system in eukaryotes
20:00: Matti Gralka (VU Amsterdam)
Fundamental metabolic strategies of heterotrophic bacteria
20:30: Daniel Tamarit (Utrecht)
Inference and reconstruction of the heimdallarchaeial ancestry of eukaryotes
20:45: Thomas Blankers (UvA Amsterdam)
The predictability of evolution: organismal versus community perspectives

April 12

Session 3 – Finding life in outer space
chair: Bob Planqué
9:00: Kathrin Altwegg (Bern)
Comet 67P – a treasure chest full of organics
9:30: Antonija Oklopcic (UvA Amsterdam)
Formation and evolution of exoplanet atmospheres
10:00: Alice Booth (Leiden)
Molecular complexity at the epoch of planet formation
10:15: Julia Santos (Leiden)
Exogenous route to forming glycerol under molecular cloud conditions

10:30: coffee break

Session 4 – From genes to function
chair: Bregje Wertheim
11:00: Christophe Danelon (Delft)
Evolution of a DNA self-replicator in synthetic vesicles
11:30: Joana Xavier (UCL London)
Early metabolism and the origin of cells
12:00: Liedewij Laan (Delft)
Predicting and controlling the accessibility of evolutionary trajectories with epistasis
12:15: Maria Laura Mascotti (Groningen)
Ancestral flavin-dependent enzymes: emergence of catalysis and functional divergence

12:30: lunch

Session 5 – Geology and life
chair: Inge Loes ten Kate
13:30: Bas van der Schootbrugge (Utrecht)
Threats to planetary habitability: How LIPs have shaped Earth
14:00: Mark van Zuilen (Inria / Utrecht)
From life to rock: assessing biogenicity in Earth’s earliest rock record
14:30: Annemiek Waajen (Edinburgh)
Life on Earth can grow on extraterrestrial carbon
14:45: NWA-ORC call
Plenary discussion on the upcoming National Science Agenda call.

15:00 – 17:00 poster session


11 - 12 April 2023


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